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Starship v1.0.1

Starship is a fun and thrilling game where you have to destroy, dodge, and identify the enemy. It features over 40 levels of gameplay with a powerful level editor. Each level is filled with fast scrolling, action packed adventure that never gets old. Create your own unique levels with enemies at your command. Customize everything from the enemies's speed to it's life. You can add your own custom background, completion picture, and much more. Create up to 12 enemies of your own plus 1 boss. In fact, every level included in the game can be created with the level editor! Levels can be combined together to form a scenario and then can be distributed to other owners of Starship!

View the screenshot of the amazing level editor and know the power of it!

  Quick Facts
Company: Lo's Software
Version: 1.0.1
Release date: 2/12/2000
File size: 2.1MB
License: Demo
Platform: Mac
Approx. download time: 7.1 min. at 28.8 kbps
Minimum requirements: 68040, 13MB RAM
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